We know that it was easier in the old days when a good job advertisement from a respectable company yielded several well-qualified applicants...

Today, companies are competing for talent to fuel their continued growth and development. A to the extend where a number of job openings are extremely difficult to fill. Advertising alone does not provide the desired applications and search companies are often deemed too expensive when you are about to find and hire 10, 20 or maybe 50 engineers, software developers, waiters, nurses or...?

If you are facing such a recruitment challenge - don't despair!... The solution for you may be what we call “Active Virtual Search” - a hybrid between digital advertisement and an active search process. We combine the direct approach of search companies with the scalability of digital advertising. You get the best of both worlds – without paying a premium.

With our "Active Virtual Search" program, Affiinity offers an innovative hybrid between job advertising and Search. We reach out to pre-defined employee profiles and stimulate them to consider and eventually apply for open jobs within your company. All digitally. Our solution is targeted companies and organisations who are about to hire several new employees within the same employee segment. We have many years of experience with targeted, digital talent attraction. So why not benefit from our experience and advanced IT platform?

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A lot of people are happy with their current job and do not actively consider a career move. This large group of people are not active on job portals and will likely never be exposed to your job advertisements here. But being “passive” does not mean they cannot be persuaded into considering a new job with your company. It just takes a bit more to inspire and engage them. This is what we help you do with our "Active Virtual Search" program.

When we start a new program with a client, we first review and describe the candidate target profile together with you. Qualifications, experience and possible location. If you have specific requirements for experience, knowledge or anything else, we build it into our search profile and we qualify the applicants accordingly.

Secondly, we design and execute a campaign for you, where we reach the target audience through social media. In other words, we "tap" them on the shoulder, as a headhunter would do, and present them with the new career opportunities. In our process, we seek to be as targeted as possible so that we do not spend unnecessary marketing dollars on candidates who are not relevant – or difficult to move. Therefore, the approach is also significantly different from the normal advertising on job portals, etc.

The message that triggers the candidates to apply will obviously be the possibility of a new job. But experience tells us that it may in fact also be the prospect of a new "adventure" – that is, the possibility of a job in another country or in a company with a strong culture. Our campaigns reflect this experience and offer the applicants to investigate on different levels:

- Job postings: Information about the job profile(s) with required qualifications etc.

- Employer branding: Information about your company's values, purpose, culture, etc. and

- Destination branding: If you want to attract talent from abroad, we will build in information about your country/destination – i.e. holidays, work culture, leisure activities, holidays, international community, schools etc.

Through our advanced tracking and scoring system, you can monitor incoming applications and identify the candidates who show real interest. You can sort candidates based on required qualifications and easily get an overview over the most prominent applicants.

Last but not least… we offer all candidates to be registered in our database, so you can approach them directly the next time you have a similar job opening. Over time, you may build a valuable pool of canidates that will ease your recruitment significantly. The system is GDPR compliant.



We would love to hear from you, so we can find out how best to help you, in your digital sales and marketing transformation.