We help you reach and win new customers by running complex B2B digital sales programs in a new way.

Many B2B companies do not yet harvest the potential from digital lead generation and customer attraction. Maybe you have considered this and found it too expensive? Too difficult? Or maybe you have simply not found a solution to help your sales?

Affiinity’s advanced lead scoring measures how interested a potential customer is in your product or service.

The customer is awarded points based on their online behaviour and interactions with the digital marketing content. We track when they spend time on the campaign site and when they click on call to actions (videos, tutorials, slide shows, website visits or interact with social media content).

The lead score indicates how engaged and motivated the customer is and what they are specifically interested in. When a lead reaches a given score, we mark them as a ‘hot lead’ who is ready to buy. And now ready for your sales team.

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