How do we meet new potential customers globally while there are travel restrictions, cancelled events and trade shows due to covid-19?

I believe that we can answer this question by building online relationships that are just as strong and trustworthy as when you meet at a conference, trade show or any other physical meeting.

There are so many opportunities in the digital sphere - I love it!

And that is really the key – because, how do we actually build these relationships online. Relationships that are trustworthy and just as strong as when you meet at a conference, trade show or any other physical meeting where you exchange business cards, contact information and inform your potential customers about how your products and services can help their challenges and needs.

At Affiinity, we are building online relationships through a longer period of time, perhaps even 12 months or more, where we are taking the potential customers through a digital sales funnel. Here we are segmenting, nurturing and scoring them and when they have reached a specific score, we predict that the customer is ready to talk to you. At this point, you will get an alert and then it is up to you to set up the meeting and convert the qualified lead into an actual sale!

Well that all sounds good, maybe almost too good to be true – I fully understand that – but really, it is just a business to business e-commerce solution.

You probably know traditional business to consumer e-commerce, where you enter a website to buy a product by adding it to the basket and paying online. What I am talking about, in the video below, is very much the same mechanism - but just an online business to business sale.

I know business to business sales are much longer and more complex, but I believe that Affiinity has found the right process and technology to meet the challenges that many of us are facing right now. I believe that we can do this together and digitally!

Let me go through this online business to business e-commerce solution and tell you how it works: 


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